The militant grammarian
    Around Fayetteville, Ark.,  I’m known as the “Militant Grammarian.” I talk about grammar with my good friend Kyle Kellams on KUAF-FM, the local NPR affiliate. We do a segment the first weekend of every month on the program, “Ozarks at Large.”
    Occasionally, I’m called to do a special segment -- for instance, when an Arkansas legislator wants to officially decree that the possessive spelling of our state is Arkansas’s. Being a lifelong journalist, I prefer the AP Style (Arkansas’), but I think punctuation is pretty much a creative art. Not so with grammar -- on grammar issues, I’m, well, militant!
    We’re planning to start a podcast pretty soon, but I wanted to establish this page so you could send me an e-mail if you want to.
         Send me an e-mail here.
Hello Between you and ME (not I) There’s a difference between “less” and “fewer.” Know it! There are very few reasons to USE the word “utilize.” Lots of people don’t know that “loan” is NOT a verb!